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Unfinished Business

    Hey there, folks! Today I’m going to share an unhealthy habit of mine: biting off more than I can chew. I’m not talking about food (well okay I do that too sometimes), I’m talking about productivity. I like to think that I’m Super-Katie, and I can do all of the things! Laundry, dishes,… Continue reading Unfinished Business

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Collaboration Station!

It’s a joint blog post this week, folks! It’s taken us a few days to really put it together well, so hence the super late update.┬áThis is a learning process for both of us, so it’ll take a bit to get into a groove. With that out of my system, IT’S TIME TO BOARD THE… Continue reading Collaboration Station!

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Green Wizard Tired! Green Wizard Needs Comics!

Hey there, folks!   For those of you who didn’t get the Gauntlet reference, I’m sorry for the weird title of today’s blog. For those of you who did, I’m the green wizard because: I’ve been thinking about why I love comics so much. I could give you a big ol’ blog post detailing my… Continue reading Green Wizard Tired! Green Wizard Needs Comics!