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Finding Purpose and Rhythm

*Blows off the dust*

Hey there, blog. Sorry I haven’t used you much, lately. I know you don’t get a ton of readers, and I guess that made me neglect you. I’m going to try to do better.

And hey there to you, people who do read my blog! It’s kind of been in limbo. Katie’s put up her own blog, recently, over at Katie McMahon Art, and I would love it if you gave it a look. She’s been pretty good and consistent with it. I guess that means that this is my blog now.

We may need to revamp this site, if that’s the case, though that will be a discussion for another day.

If I recall the last blog I posted was before the holidays. That’s a long while. Sorry again.

The last project(s) I was working on were all Prism-centric. That’s been put aside for a bit, as Katie and I tried something that admittedly didn’t work great. We had thought that drafting separate outlines for the project and then coming together to discuss would be a helpful exercise. Instead, it just resulted in a lot of confusion and disagreement. As such, we’ve been taking time to work on our own things, and I think it’s for the best.

I’ve also let my NaNoWriMo shorts sit, since they were all in the Prism world. I’ve been reading a lot lately, more voraciously than I can ever remember doing. Some of my favorites have been Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and Strong Female Protagonist by Molly Ostertag and Brenna Lee Mulligan.

I’ve also been exploring some of my other passions.

I’ve always been a foodie, and I tried my hand and baking several times of the past month or so. I’ve really been enjoying it, and probably should start a food blog. People have been telling me that for a while, actually. I’m really going to consider it.

So anyway, I titled this post Finding Purpose and Rhythm, and I intend to talk about those things. I…really struggle with knowing what I want out of life. If you’ve actually read my past blogs, that won’t come as a great surprise. I’m very comfortable with not making decisions. Taking time to explore my interests and practicing self-care and reflection has been good. I’m not saying I’ve had any profound revelations, but I feel like it’s a good path. I’m going to keep with it.

As far as Rhythm (damn that’s a hard word to type) I’m writing this on my weekly overnight shift. I’m kicking myself a little for not thinking of this before – though I’ve just recently started downing an energy drink come 10pm. It has done wonders for my mental clarity. I’m going to try and make a routine out of this (overnight blogs, but maybe Red Bull too…?). I’ve a lot of things I’d like to make into routines – thinks like meditation, goal setting, reading, exercising, and of course writing.

I’m off to try and get this short story out of my head now… at 12:30 in the morning.

I’ll at least get it started. Thank you for reading,


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