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Big (Beneficial) Shifts

So it looks like we’re averaging one blog post a month right now.

I’d like to pick that number up a bit.

So last time I wrote anything here, I dug pretty deep down into some of my anxieties. It was…very cathartic, and it probably started the ball rolling for me.

Not long after my blog post, I had my first meeting with a counselor. During that session, he and I went over a lot of the same things which I listed in that post – my fears and anxieties around work, money, and my future. I felt loads better, even after just that one session. A few days later Katie and I went up Burlington, VT for the day to celebrate my birthday, and we talked about some of those concerns in a more positive and productive way.

Jump ahead a week or two and something sad happens – a coworker’s father passes away unexpectedly. Most of my coworkers and I end up at his Celebration of Life to support our friend. While there, after a couple of drinks, the subject of work comes up and I’m asked why I don’t just go to work for my father. I joke about how he doesn’t want to have to do all the paperwork involved and think little of it. That evening I tell my father how jealous several of my pals are of his job, and how they said I should go work for him. Instead of the response I expect, he tells me he’d love to have me working with him.

I told Katie about everything that happened that day, and she immediately says I should go for it – get out of the job that’s been draining me for so long. I only had to think about it for a day or two. By the end of the week, I started transitioning to Per Diem at my current job. My last day as a full-time staff is this Saturday.

The moment I committed to leaving it felt as though a tremendous weight had lifted off of my shoulders. Right now, my loose plan is to work with my father 3 days each week, and my current job 3 days each week, having Sundays off. I get to flex my schedule, and most importantly…I get to have my mornings back!

Seriously, everyone, I don’t know if you understand how much this is going to mean to me. I’m one of those rare and annoying individuals known as a “Morning Person” – I’m at my best between about 7am and 2pm, which is what I have been working most days for the past year, hence my lapse in productivity. This blog entry is being written at night, which is why it has thus far taken me an hour and a half to write what is probably less than a page.

So what does that mean for SBP? Well, that’s still a bit up in the air. We’re in transition right now, and its definitely a good one, but the dust needs to settle a bit more. Also, Katie and I will be flying out to Vancouver, BC come October 9th to volunteer at SHUX Gaming Expo! We’re very excited, and there’s going to be plenty of time for us to talk over our next steps.

Until next time, friends, thank you for reading.


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