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So the first section of the binder (see the June 5th blog) I’ve decided to tackle is the Countries of the World portion! It’s been a nice way to ease back into the creative process, as most of what I write has little to know bearing on the narrative.  I can always change and adapt an idea to suit the story if need be.

In order to create some consistency, I needed a framework. Enter the always entertaining Dael Kingsmill to provide exactly what I was looking for.

Dael on Worldbuilding

While Kingsmill uses a slightly different acronym, the end result is the same – I just like saying “Smerp.” For each of the six major regions of the world, I’m laying out how their Society, Military, Economy, Religion, and Politics function. Its a great snapshot. I’ve also added in a few other components on the back of each page. The acronym I’m working with there is CLUMP, for Cities, Landmarks, Unique Features, Miscellaneous, and People (this specifically referring to what, in our story, is akin to fantasy races).

Once things are a bit less hectic for Katie, I hope to be sharing some of what I’ve written with you all, and hopefully with pictures!

That’s it for now. Do watch the video if you have any interest in Worldbuilding or Dungeons and Dragons!



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