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Back to the Grind (Slow, slow grind)

Hello all six(plus?!) of you!

Katie and I are back from our anniversary vacation and coinciding chest colds! Good stuff, good stuff.

It actually was a very nice, albeit short, vacation. We stayed at a fantastic Japanese-style bed and breakfast (Ryokan), bathhouse and all, in rural Connecticut. It gave us time to decompress and relax, and we got some good conversation in, too!

So let’s talk about where Something Brewing Press is at right now.

I mentioned a while ago that after some tough examination, Katie and I realized that we were going in an entirely wrong direction with our Prism project – we were trying to tell a story far different than the ones that we actually resonate with. We have had some lengthy brainstorming sessions and what’s been pruned, while substantial and at times difficult to part with, has made for a much more satisfying project.




Its color coded! I haven’t put too much into it yet, but so far, I’m happy with everything I’ve got, and that’s a very good feeling.

I’d encourage you to take a look at some of these sections! There are some hints as to what you’ll be getting in our future blogs! We’re actually aiming to start giving some juicy worldbuilding and story tidbits starting in July! It will help keep us on track and accountable, too, in both working consistently as well as committing to our ideas, which has been a challenge.

Other things to look out for! You may know that Katie has been tackling the 100 Days Challenge! Expect to see some of her amazing work in the next, as she put it, “Two weeks. Three. Maybe? Maybe probably. Probably definitely. Definitely.”  I’m very excited to feature it here.

Until next time, thanks for sticking with us.


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