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What I’ve Been Doing!

Hey Readers!

It’s been a Monday or two since I last wrote a blog post. I’m not intending to get philosophical with this one. I just wanted to let people know what’s been happening.

First and foremost! Lulach Beryl episode 9 is edited, all I have to do now is pick music and we’ll be good to go. I’m aiming to have it out on Wednesday evening.

I was planning to be done with this one earlier, but the past week I’ve been running around because one of our cats, Tribble, has been having bladder issues (not fun!) and we had to spend Saturday morning at the ER Vet seeing if he had to have surgery. Thankfully he didn’t and appears to be on the mend.

Between my job and having some sort of event or party every weekend (I’ve had three parties over the past four days) not much else production-wise has gotten done, but Katie and I keep chugging along. I actually got a lot done today, though little was related to SBP. Still, it feels good to check a bunch of things off the list, doesn’t it? Today I wrapped Christmas presents, cleaned out my fridge, bought a window insulation kit, did the dishes, got new cat food, and a bunch more. And now I’m writing a blog! Isn’t that swell?

The next week will obviously be busy with the upcoming holiday PLUS Katie’s birthday. We’ll be taking a day trip out to Vermont so I doubt much creative work will get done this weekend (again), but no complaints. She’s worth celebrating.

Still, I hope you’ll wish me luck in finding some time and motivation throughout the week.

How have you all been doing this holiday season?


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