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Meditating at Dawn, TSO at Dusk

Well we’re in the mid-holiday lull now. Thanksgiving has passed, and we can enjoy a few days of peace before things start ramping up again for Christmas. I’m pleased to say that Katie and I have used these past few days to their utmost! Lulach Beryl is back on track, with episode 9 recorded and ready for editing, and we’ve had some very productive planning sessions.

Difficult though it may be, we’re going to be trying our hand at, once again…


Sticking to a schedule! Scary, right? Thanks for your concern, but we think we have a pretty good handle on it this time.

Every time we’ve planned a schedule before, something inevitably breaks us out of it. The holidays are a good example of this. The schedule was too tight, in that case. We couldn’t stick to it because of the nature of such things, and it spiraled. Other times it’s too loose, and eventually that unravels into not doing anything, ever.

So what makes for that happy medium? How do you strike up that balance between dedication and flexibility? For us, at least, the answer seems to be…

(Drum roll, please)





So we started off looking at our weeks. We asked ourselves how we wanted to divide up our time, and what was realistic. We built in flex time. We made allowances for life-giving things (hence the title of this blog). We were honest about what helped us, what made us feel accomplished, and what hindered us. And we planned to discuss how it went and adjust it every week.

So, for me, I feel best and work best with an early start to my day. I got up at 5:30 this morning. I made breakfast, then woke up Katie for work, ate, and did Common Prayer and Meditation. Now I’m writing my blog and listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and feeling pretty good. Hopefully we can keep it going strong through Christmas and New Years!

Wish Me Luck,


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