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Hello Dear Readers!

Instead of waxing poetic about responsibilities and promises and all that stuff you’re used to from me, I’m actually going to talk about something concrete!

…Don’t get used to it.

So recently my schedule at work changed from being three long shifts each week (13-19 hours apiece) to two long shifts and three short shifts. At first I was very excited, thinking I would have more time to work on my projects, but then Katie reminded me that I am a morning person, and my short shifts are all 8:30 – 2. Prime work time.

I had my 5 1/2 hour shift today. All in all, it went pretty well.

I came home and thought for a few minutes about how to structure the rest of my day, and in that moment I had to decide whether or not to use the excuse of “I’m past my ability to work.” I did not decide that. I decided I would work.

There are a couple of things that I think helped me do this. The first was that on Saturday, Katie and I both laid our our expectations for the week, and I decided that Sunday and Monday would be for the current episode of Lulach Beryl: Magical Intern, and the blog. Having that intention really stuck in the back of my mind today as a task I told myself I would do.

The second asset I had is something that some of you may have heard of. The Pomodoro Technique, A.K.A., the Tomato Timer. Its really quite simple, and I use a website that runs in my web browser in the background. The idea is this – you work for 25 minutes. That’s it. Supposedly that’s the longest most of us can effectively focus on a task. When that time is up, a little alarm goes off, and you take a five minute break. You do whatever you want during that time. Then back to work for another 25 minutes. After a few of those cycles, you get a 10 minute break, and so on and so forth for as long as you need to. It’s really been helpful.

SO! Progress. Lulach Beryl: Magical Intern episode 8 is 95% done. Katie’s gonna listen to it, give it the thumbs up (hopefully) and then record the ending blurb! Good to go. Also… I wrote a blog šŸ˜€

Thanks for reading,


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