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So Many Projects, So Little Time!

Hello dear readers!

It has been very exciting around here lately. Aiden and I have been taking a look at all our various projects (and boy howdy have we come up with a lot of projects) and trying to sort out how we should tackle them all. Some things have had to be shelved, while others are unexpectedly taking a spotlight. One of the annoying things about having limited time on your hands is having to choose which projects to pursue and which to save for later. All of them are so good! I love them all equally! Don’t make me choooose! But the reality is there are only so many hours in a day, and unfortunately the hours of free time are few. Thus, we must prioritize.

Priority No. 1: Lulach Beryl, Magical Intern

Logo Finished

Aiden has been hard at work writing episodes and editing recordings to bring you this wonderfully fun podcast! I do what I can to help as well, editing the stories and doing my part in recording, but sound editing is sort of a one-person thing, and I’m glad Aiden has taken on the mantle. It’s been inspiring to see his passion for this project grow over time. Most days, when he has free time he’s been writing, recording, choosing background music (which is surprisingly hard!), and developing his own skills as a writer and a sound editor. We’re very excited to share this story with you all!

Priority No. 2: Aiden & Katie Adventures!


Aiden and I went on a day trip to Portland for our anniversary this past May, and on a whim we filmed a bunch of  locations with my phone. We had talked about how fun it would be do to a YouTube channel where we travel around New England and showcase how fun it is, so we figured why not do a test-run with Portland? Dear readers. It was so. Much. Fun. I’m very close to being finished with the video now, I just have to add in a few finishing touches and it’ll be complete! I’m also working on a banner, based on the sketch above, to use when I create the YouTube channel we’ll be posting these videos on. I’M SO EXCITED. YOU HAVE NO IDEA, I’M SO EXCITED. This is gonna be heckin’ fun!

Priority No. 3: Katie’s Short Stories

One day I was feeling pretty crappy. I needed to pull myself out of a bad space, so I started writing a cute romance story full of fluff and feelings. It worked remarkably well. I kept writing, and as I wrote I was smiling. I hadn’t written something for fun in such a long time! Oddly enough, the story that I wrote for fun is the center of a new zine project I’m working on. I adore this little story and I’m immensely proud of it, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. I don’t have any imagery to share with you yet, but the title is “Chamomile Lavender”. Just thinking about it makes me go all happy inside!

Priority No. 4: Maisie’s Diner


I was very surprised when I decided that this doofy little idea I had would be my next comic project. I never expected it to amount to much, just some fun doodles and character concepts that were amusing, but likely wouldn’t be put to any use. Instead, I’m working on the first draft of Maisie’s Diner, a comedy comic about a young college freshman named Tahir who stumbles upon a diner that advertises as “neutral ground” for all the super-types – superhero, superhuman, super magical, supernatural, etc. The story follows Tahir as he gets a job at the diner and runs into a large cast of interesting characters he’s only ever seen on the news or in storybooks. It’s been a ton of fun coming up with this project, and I can’t wait to transform it from ideas into comics!

Priority No. 5: The Shattered Prism

This story…whoo-boy this story. This is my and Aiden’s fantasy epic. We’ve been working on this story for two years, ever since Aiden joined me in participating in National Novel Writing Month and banged out over 20,000 words telling the first third of the tale. It’s been re-written countless times, the characters have been rehashed over and over, and we’re at a place now where we think we’ve finally got a shred of an idea of what it should look like. Thanks to our work with Lulach Beryl: Magical Intern, we’ve been able to flesh out the world more and answer some questions we didn’t know we had. While we’re focusing on making this story a priority, we know that it will likely be a year or two before we publish a single comic page. We really want to do this story well, and we don’t mind taking the time we need to do that.

In this story’s world, there is a group of people trying to kill the gods. Our protagonists (we hesitate to call them “heroes”, for reasons you’ll eventually learn) have been thrust into the path of this conflict, and now must do what they can to resolve it. Fayne is a self-centered, good-natured fop who wants to be a hero, though his understanding of what a hero is is lacking. Talara is an adjunct professor who needs funding for her doctoral thesis and is determined to prove her eldest sister wrong. Sumac is a quiet young man who is unquestioningly loyal to his adoptive father and thirsts for his approval. Rydiah is a fiery, reckless young woman who laughs in the face of danger and is always seeking a new adventure and to run away from her problems. These four will find themselves thrown together to save the world – and might just save each other in the process.


We’ve got a lot on our plates, and it’s going to take us longer than we’d like to get them off the ground. But hey, we gotta work with the time and energy that we have while not neglecting our own well-being. It’s a tough thing to accept (especially for me – I’m chomping at the bit!) but it’s necessary.  We’re so, so excited to tell you more about these projects in the coming months! In between sharing snippets of progress, we also want to share with you bits about some of the things we’re doing to develop our skills in writing, art, sound and video editing, and productivity. We hope that you may find these things useful in your own creative pursuits!

I believe that’s all I have for you lovely readers for now. Thank you all for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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