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Adulting and Other Adventures

Hi friends! Katie here.

Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Long story short, my job went through a transition, and instead of working part-time from home, now I work full-time out of an office forty-five minutes away from my house. I don’t have much time or energy for anything art-related, and it suuucks! That being the case, one of two things will happen to me: I’ll either be significantly slower at making artwork and writing stories, or I’ll be so starved for creative expression that I’ll go buck-wild and be an art-making madwoman. One or the other.

But enough about me – wanna see the cool thing Aiden and I made?

caption: It’s a BOX!!

For those of you who have been listening to these first few episodes of our lil’ story podcast, you may have noticed the audio quality isn’t super. That’s because, going into this, neither of us knew anything at all about podcasting or audio technology. We’re wee babes stumbling through the woods! Well, Aiden is. He’s actually the one who does all the writing and audio editing for the podcast! Give him a round of applause guys, gals, and non-binary pals! Yes, I borrowed that phrase from the delightful Thomas Sanders. Aiden’s been working really hard learning all about audio editing, which is really admirable because that stuff makes my head spin. I’ll take video editing over audio editing any day, thank you.

But Katie! What’s that got to do with the box?!

I was getting to that. Eventually. The box is a super cheap, do-it-yourself, portable sound “studio”. It’s literally a plastic box with fancy foam glued inside. We put our microphone in there, and when we record the sound waves don’t end up bouncing off our walls and board games and cats, they stay in the foamy box. The foam then transforms the sound waves into a golden light, which is then absorbed by the microphone. The microphone solidifies the light into a viscous, honey-like substance and feeds it directly into the computer via the microphone cable. Aiden then recites an ancient incantation and sacrifices a moldy potato, and the computer processes the sound wave honey into a podcast.

What? Well, do YOU know how audio stuff works?

Oh, you do?

Well. That’s very informative, thank you.

At any rate! This box will hopefully provide us with significantly better audio quality than what we were dealing with before. Aiden’s working hard on the next episode, and it should be out soon! When it comes out, be sure to leave some comments and let us know if you notice a difference! And if you do have any advice on audio editing or audio technology, we’d love to hear it. Eh? Eh? Audio? Love to HEAR it?

Aren’tcha glad to have me back?

Thanks for reading!


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