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Getting Serious!

Hey readers,

We’re going to be having yet another delay for LB:MI. It shouldn’t be long, hopefully the episode will be ready by Sunday or Monday at the latest.

We’ve done five of these so far (I’m working on writing episode 14 currently), and really enjoy the process. That’s made us want to throw ourselves all the harder into this project. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re proud of those first five, but the vocal quality has been really nagging at both Katie and I. There’s not great acoustics in our apartment, and, honestly, the audio we recorded for episode 6 turned out just awful. Like, no-way-to-save-this awful.

So we scrapped that track.

And then I watched a bunch of videos on acoustics and soundproofing and DIY booths. So that’s our current, right now project. All of the supplies should arrive by Friday. I’ll post pics of the completed portable recording booth, which, fingers crossed, will go a long way to making Lulach Beryl: Magical Intern an even more enjoyable experience.

Thanks for reading


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