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Something Clever.

Blogity blog blog bloog.

That’s how this goes, right?

Wow, I think it’s actually harder to Re-start blogging. Probably its a combination of wondering if anyone cares and being afraid that you’ve disappointed anyone who once did.

To that I say that the only things that you can really commit to are the things you do for yourself, at least to some degree. Still, if anyone has felt let down, I apologize.

I really want this podcast, this comic, this world that we’ve been brewing for so long now to actually be a thing. I’ve been really cautious, admittedly, because this project, the one I’m heading, is supposed to be the first thing we release to the world. Two episodes are done, and I want to release them tomorrow or Saturday. Seriously this time. I know I had said they’d be out back in late January, I own that. I needed more time to figure things out. Honestly, they’re still not where I want them to be, but it comes back again to something I’ve touched on a few times in these blogs – nothing’s ever perfect and if you wait for perfection you’ll never get anywhere.

By Saturday morning at the latest, episodes 1 and 2 of Lulach Beryl: Magical Intern should be posted here, on WordPress. That’s a promise this time, and I say it as much for you as I do for myself. I need to commit. I need to step out there, and accept what comes of it.

In order to reinforce that, I want to share a few more details about the project.

Like everything we’re working on right now, Lulach Beryl is meant to wrap into the larger Shattered Prism universe. But while most everything else is in comic format (possibly with some short stories), Lulach’s story will be told through an audio medium. It will take the form of a pseudo-travelogue, going back and forth between Lulach and his twin sister Linley. Lulach is currently a Journeyman in Animal Sciences at The University of Ochara, but he is equally passionate about history and folklore, and so also has a degree in Anthropology. His Master’s thesis revolves around the cryptids of his world (their Bigfoots, Nessies, and such) and how such folklore has evolved over the centuries. Then one day, something happens that pulls these matters out of the realm of the theoretical.

Is that enough to whet your appetite? I certainly hope so.

Thanks for reading,


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