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A Wild Vlog Appears!!

Hello, folks! Long time, no write!

Sorry for the absence, but I’ve been working on something cool…

Turns out, shooting and editing videos is pretty tricky! We definitely have a lot to learn, haha! Lesson number one: switch sides with Aiden so he stops kicking the table and jiggling the camera…you know I love you, sweetie!

We decided to do a vlog about this topic because we thought it would be more fun than co-writing a blog, and it was! We hope to do more of these in the future when we have things we want to chat about together. At the moment, we’re thinking maybe one vlog a month? We’ll see!

This vlog’s topic is naming. Naming is really hard, folks! This video is just us two chatting about our thoughts on and experiences with names and naming. As you know, we’re not experts! Just two creatives trying to figure out how to write and draw comics to tell a story we’re passionate about.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for watching!


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