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Meet Katie!

Hello and welcome!

Glad to have you here! Pull up a seat, have some tea. Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Katie, the other half of the Dynamic Duo that makes up Something Brewing Press. I’m a writer and an artist, and I do some art teaching on the side through my local comic shop and through

I find that making journal comics can be relaxing and therapeutic.

Shameless plug time! Try out my lesson, “Creating Journal Comics” using this link and get 3 months of premium access for $0.99! It’s my first lesson on Skillshare, and I’m super proud of it! Okay, back to the blog:

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon and I’ve been reading comics since I was old enough to read. I drew all the time and I read voraciously. I usually went through between three and five books a week, at least. I started writing stories very early on as well, and they’re mostly terrible. Maybe someday I’ll share a few with you all and we can laugh together at my middle school trash stories (and poetry. Did I mention the poetry? Good Lord it’s bad.) but today is not that day.

I tried my hand at my first full-page format comic in college. I did quite well, surprisingly! I think I got about twenty to thirty pages into it before I stupidly started another comic project for an art history class. Since that one had my grade riding on it, I had to abandon that first comic project. I’ve since attempted at least three different webcomic projects, only one of which almost made it off the ground. I blew through my buffer during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and the project fizzled right out after less than a year. There were other factors as well, and I’ll likely talk about them and what I learned from the experience in a later blog post.

In 2014, Aiden completed NaNoWriMo and wrote the story that would become the center of our attention for the next two years.

Timeskip to today, and we have plans for a main webcomic, some short side comics, and a podcast all based around that story and in the same universe. Not bad for writers who have never taken a creative writing course and someone who’s never taken a formal class on comics! And since we’re so inexperienced, we decided to start this blog to record our adventures in story-crafting and our experiences creating this story together. I’ll be talking about comics, art, and my experiences on Tuesdays, and Aiden will be talking about writing, stories, and his experiences on Thursdays.

We also hope that this blog will be helpful to those of you starting out with your own stories or comics! We’ll be talking about mistakes we’ve made and what we learned from them, resources that have been very helpful to our growth as creators, what it’s like to collaborate and how to deal with conflict when (yes, when) it arises, what inspires us to create, and many, many more things. We’re not experts by any means – in fact, we barely know what we’re doing – but if you ever have questions, we’d be more than happy to share our thoughts and try our best to help you out! Feel free to email us, tweet at us, or simply leave us a comment here on the blog.

This is going to be such a fun journey! Thank you for reading, and for walking the first few steps of our adventure with us.


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