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A Wild Blog Appears!

Welcome, welcome!

You’ve found the blog of Katie and Aiden McMahon, a creative wifey-husby duo who create comics, stories, and podcasts together!

Surprise! We’re cats! Just kidding. These are our two adorable furbabies, Tribble and Leo. They help, too! Sometimes.

Through writing this blog, Aiden and I will be documenting our progress as we work towards the goal of launching our co-created fantasy webcomic and story-podcast. Neither of us has any traditional schooling in writing, making comics, or sound design, but we’re doing our best to make our creative dreams into reality!

This has been brewing for quite a long time now – it all started as a breakfast conversation and a challenge for Aiden to do NaNoWriMo in 2014 alongside Katie. Since then, we’ve been writing, developing, drawing, philosophizing, and pontificating at great length in and around this world we’ve created. We’re so excited that things are finally coming to fruition, and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

In 2017, we’re going to launch two things. Well, three if you count this blog updating properly and regularly – maybe? We’ll try!

  • Our story-podcast that is yet unnamed, which documents the travels of an unprepared grad student following his mad professor around as she traverses the world in search of magical anomalies.
  • A (relatively) short comic entitled “The Breeze Before the Storm”, about a young acolyte of the goddess of curiosity, who breaks into a secret library in search of hidden knowledge that may be best left forgotten.
  • This blog! Something Brewing will be where we talk about our creative processes (Aiden writes, Katie draws and writes) and how we work together – as well as moments that we don’t work together to well, and how we overcome those moments. Aiden will mostly talk about writing, character development, and world-building, and Katie will talk about art, design, and comics. There also may be some short comics illustrating our adventures in co-creating a giant story-blob and trying to shape it into a recognizable, organized form.

We can’t wait to release these projects that we’ve worked on for so long to you all, and we really hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading!


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